About Us

“We’re perfectionists. Not in a moany picky way, but in a ‘We believe in pure, natural goodness’ way and we’ll go as far as it takes to find it.” Sound familiar?

That was us at The Real Basmati Rice Co, where we believe in doing things properly and aiding those who use traditional methods by sourcing our products directly from them. So we thought to ourselves ‘why stop there?’…

Introducing The Real Coffee Bean Co!

Here at The Real Coffee Bean Co, we’re very picky when it comes to great tasting coffee. We believe in sourcing hand-picked quality Fairtrade coffee. We've sought out the best coffee growers and source our coffee from them to give you just that; from small holder farms and estates to cooperatives. To add to that, all our coffee is then roasted in the UK.

We believe that not only is the quality of the beans far superior, but traditional methods used to cultivate the beans ensure that with every cup-full of our coffee, you enjoy the quality taste of our exceptional, sun-dried beans. We also like to let our customers know where our coffee comes from and the specific areas their bag of coffee has been grown and harvested.



When you purchase a bag from us here at The Real Coffee Bean Co, you’re not just helping us, you’re also helping farmers in the world get a fairer price for their hard work.

'We believe in giving back, why not join us!'